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10. November 2017
We would like to know for next month and the upcoming 2018, what topics you would like to read about. What are your interests? Your interests are important to us and we know that when traveling to a new country you have millions of questions. Tell us what topics you wish to know about and we will provide info and updated info on those topics that are most voted by our readers.
15. October 2017
For a country so small that is focused on renewable energy and a low nationwide carbon footprint, Costa Rica should be in the lead as an example to follow for other nations. A prototype for how small communities or even larger cities that hold populations larger than Costa Rica should draw from. Unfortunately this is not a reality. Sure we are know for conservation areas and yes we have gone up to 9 months at a time running the country strictly on renewable power, but it's still a mediocre...
25. July 2017
Guanacaste is the 7th province of Costa Rica and the newest in the sense of becoming part of Costa Rica. The territory used to belong to Nicaragua, but due to many constant civil wars and violence, three of the major cities within Guanacaste got together to vote on whether to annex themselves to Costa Rica. These cities were Nicoya, Santa Cruz and Libera (capital city of Guanacaste). Out of all 3 cities only Liberia voted no, but due to the majority vote, the law was passed on July 25th of 1824...
31. January 2017
This great info for those traveling to Costa Rica and want to try out the food without having to eat gluten.
18. January 2017
These are great ideas for those staying within Coco Beach area or at one of the Riu hotels.
07. January 2017
Whether you are staying at the Riu, WESTIN or Four Seasons, you'll never get the real authentic cuisine that local towns have to offer. We can take you to Liberia for a visit to the local market for fresh veggies and seasonal fruit. Then we stop by the market where you can purchase choice meats, spices, herbs and take in the traditional market style atmosphere. If you aren't into cooking and just want to try Tico cuisine, you can find plenty of restaurants in Liberia and all along the road...
02. January 2017
This month we'll be adding pins from Pinterest. We were cruising Pinterest to see everyone's pictures through Costa Rica and we came across many interesting or "Pinteresting" pins regarding our beautiful country. So this months we're going to explore to see what travelers are learning and sharing. Below are our first pins LAR's Pinteresting Pins.
25. September 2016
Many travelers that are staying in Guanacaste during their entire trip, often ask about visiting Arenal in a day. Some are discouraged when told how far the drive is, but don't really understand what the drive offers. Arenal's climate is very different to Guanacaste and evidence is seen along the way as the environment transforms from a dry forest to a lush green rain forest. This is also great because as you travel the amount of wildlife you see increases big time. From just ctenosaurs,...
05. February 2016
There are many more desserts, beverages and other goodies to try, but here are a few that will be easy for you to find:
26. October 2015
LAR Transports takes you to different destinations within Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our airport transportation service takes you from LIR airport to any hotel in the area, not just Riu Hotels. Explore the map to your left to see the different locations/sites that you can visit. If you there is a location that you don't know or see on the map, be sure to ask us by writing to our email (

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