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10. January 2017
Today's pin is beach related. LAR can take you to most of them since one requires a boat, but we can get you to the boat. These beaches may be more isolated and private making them ideal for your visit. Let us know if you wish to visit any of them.
30. May 2016
Few travelers have heard of this gorgeous beach and much less been there. The few that have been is because they know a local or they were there on an ATV excursion and then never returned due to not knowing how to get there. Some of the locals have heard of it but never have been there and quite possibly don't know how. It is located about 15 minutes from Playa Grande and some know the adjoining beach which is Playa Real. Upon reaching the beach you can park your vehicle in the shade not far...
20. May 2016
This waterfall is known but main due to an attraction located near it. But unlike other waterfalls such as Cortez Waterfall or El Salto del Calvo, there is no charge to visit this gorgeous place. The only controlled area is a guard that you take down your license plate since it is on private land and for security measures. One of the great aspects of this waterfall is that there is a latter you can climb to jump off the cliff and into the water. There are also kayak tours offered that allow you...