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10. August 2017
Although it may be expensive to many who are accustomed to main stream foods, Costa Rica offers quite a treat for living. Property tax are low (0.25%), people are happy and laid back, you can enjoy beaches, jungles or city and when natural disasters occur, which is very, very rarely; they leave a low impact. For most that have lived or visit Costa Rica you'll notice that yes food is very expensive and it will take a toll on you monthly budget. But there is a solution to this which is also...
15. March 2017
If you are in the mood to see animals then this outing is perfect for you. You will be traveling to the Tempisque River, one of Costa Rica's largest rivers, packed with crocodiles, teamed with fish and surround by many migratory birds, mokeys, iguanas and more. After the boat ride that will take you on an amazing trip up and down stream in search of animals you will enjoy a traditional Costa Rican lunch that has been described as one of the best meals offered on excursion. Then a quick visit at...
31. January 2017
This great info for those traveling to Costa Rica and want to try out the food without having to eat gluten.
18. January 2017
These are great ideas for those staying within Coco Beach area or at one of the Riu hotels.
07. January 2017
Whether you are staying at the Riu, WESTIN or Four Seasons, you'll never get the real authentic cuisine that local towns have to offer. We can take you to Liberia for a visit to the local market for fresh veggies and seasonal fruit. Then we stop by the market where you can purchase choice meats, spices, herbs and take in the traditional market style atmosphere. If you aren't into cooking and just want to try Tico cuisine, you can find plenty of restaurants in Liberia and all along the road...
02. January 2017
This month we'll be adding pins from Pinterest. We were cruising Pinterest to see everyone's pictures through Costa Rica and we came across many interesting or "Pinteresting" pins regarding our beautiful country. So this months we're going to explore to see what travelers are learning and sharing. Below are our first pins LAR's Pinteresting Pins.
05. February 2016
There are many more desserts, beverages and other goodies to try, but here are a few that will be easy for you to find: