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26. October 2015
LAR Transports takes you to different destinations within Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our airport transportation service takes you from LIR airport to any hotel in the area, not just Riu Hotels. Explore the map to your left to see the different locations/sites that you can visit. If you there is a location that you don't know or see on the map, be sure to ask us by writing to our email (
15. October 2015
Shopping can be found everywhere through out Costa Rica. Specially souvenir shops. However, we advise doing your shopping at Coco Beach. Why? Due to the shopping strip structure, the shops tend to have a flee market scene that allows you to haggle and negotiate at var-ious stores. Also, the stores are all concentrated in a single area pre-venting long walks during your time shopping. Stores open by 9am and close at 7pm. The 5pm shuttle into Coco Beach is recommended for those desiring to shop...
03. October 2015
LAR Transports offers you the opportunity to explore and experience the Costa Rican culture by immersing into community projects that al-low you to converse with locals and share information as well as cus-toms and traditions. These locals will share with you stories of the area while you enjoy a traditional snack prepared by the local women’s co-op. School visits are also options for those that want to get in touch with the Costa Rican people. Combine culture and community experience with...