15. November 2017
10. November 2017
We would like to know for next month and the upcoming 2018, what topics you would like to read about. What are your interests? Your interests are important to us and we know that when traveling to a new country you have millions of questions. Tell us what topics you wish to know about and we will provide info and updated info on those topics that are most voted by our readers.
05. November 2017
Rumor has it that a new restaurant is soon to open in Coco Beach (Playa del Coco). It was originally Provecho Breakfast & Tapas, but the new ownership has change the name to Provecho Gastropub & Grill. Much more appealing is the word on the street. As a local resident of Coco I am thrilled and can't wait for their opening. The word is that the menu is unlike any other in town. They will also be offering draft and craft beers. Speaking of craft beers, Angry Goats brewery at Coconutz (new...
25. October 2017
All Hollows Eve or as known today, "Halloween" is not a Costa Rican holiday, but rather another holiday or tradition inserted by other cultures. In this case the US. But who wouldn't insert it into the culture? It's a great excuse to get free candy, dress up and party! So all over you will see parties Costa Rica style, haunted houses and children on the street with parents. Few actually know that the Ministry of Culture named October 31st in Costa Rica to be, "Dia de las Mascaradas" in memory...
20. October 2017
The title of this weeks blog translates to, "Mut Territory". Some also refer to it as, "Land of Muts" or "Land of Strays". Regardless of what we call it, the place does a great deed for dogs in Costa Rica. Below is a video where the founder tells the story of origin and you'll see what they have to offer. A few of our LAR Travelers have visited the place and had nothing but great stories to share. If you would like to organize a trip, let us know as we can provide you with your private van,...
15. October 2017
For a country so small that is focused on renewable energy and a low nationwide carbon footprint, Costa Rica should be in the lead as an example to follow for other nations. A prototype for how small communities or even larger cities that hold populations larger than Costa Rica should draw from. Unfortunately this is not a reality. Sure we are know for conservation areas and yes we have gone up to 9 months at a time running the country strictly on renewable power, but it's still a mediocre...
10. October 2017
Ever wonder where cashews come from? For most travelers during the summer months in Costa Rica, cashews are available to them. The trees are found everywhere through Guanacaste. You can eat the fruit or make juice from it, but the real treasure would be the seed which is found on the outside. To harvest the cashew you must place the seeds into hot coals. As they begin to heat they will crack and toxic oils within the seed will seep out causing flames. This is a very important step. Once no more...
05. October 2017
Many travelers ask about hunting laws in Costa Rica. Specially if they are used to hunting back home. Hunting is illegal, yet until 2010 the government granted hunting licenses. Then 177,000 signatures were acquired and assisted in getting all hunting banned. There are only a few exceptions such as special permits for survival, pest control or population control. Although it would seem this way, but not all Costa Ricans are in favor of the hunt ban. For some this is a tradition that has been...
25. September 2017
This week we are mentioning the Monkey Farm. Now keep in mind that this month was about Top places near Coco (under 30 min travel time). So for horseback this would be the closest place without have to travel over 30 min. Another site is at Matapalo which is 20 minutes but we are also mentioning the Monkey Farm because the feed the homeless on a weekly basis. So by helping them your helping others. Let us know if you wish to visit them.
20. September 2017
Playa Bonita is a great beach to visit as well. It offers great snorkeling and low waves. The sand is a lighter color and access is a sidewalk. It is next to Occidental Papagayo, only 15 minutes from Playa del Coco. Let us know if you wish to spend the day at this beach and we are happy to provide you with a cooler and private van to take you there and back.

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