Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a list of the most faq's we receive from clients. We hope this list answers all your questions. If you have a question that is not on the list, don't hesitate to write us with your questions at:


Where do I buy tickets and catch the shuttles?

All transportation service pick ups are in the lobby area. We kindly ask that you are 10 minutes early in case you have any last minute delays. You have 2 options for reserving LAR services:

1) Online at by filling out an online form for the required service or send detailed information to roberto@lartransportes.com 

2) Visit one of the customer service agents located at Riu hotel lobbies. The counters will say LAR in silver letters.


How am I going to find the driver at the airport?


Upon landing at either airport (SJO or LIR) you have to go through customs. After customs, the main exit door (there is only one) is the next step to leave the airport. When getting there, you have to look for a sign with your name and the Hotel RIU’s logo on it. The person holding your sign is your driver. He will be waiting in this area to help you with your luggage and take you to the vehicle.


 What happens if I cannot find the driver?

Sometimes when the exit door area gets crowded it takes time to find your driver. If this is the case please do not panic. We have an immediate assistance number to help you. Inside the Country you do not have to dial area codes, only the last 8 digits. Please call us at 2697-1863 (counter) or 8896-3148.  If you do not have access to a cell phone, please use a public telephone. You need to dial 110 to make a collect call, dial the number 1 option, dial the emergency number and say "Airport Pick Up". Our Reservations staff will give you instructions in order to find the driver.


 When you pick me up from a Hotel, Where do I have meet the driver?

The best place to wait is at the lobby or front desk.


How do I recognize my driver?

Our drivers have a white polo shirt with LAR logo on it and our vans have LAR on both sides. And when you talk to them they are the friendliest folk around.


Do we have to share the Van with somebody else?

All shuttle services are shared, but our private transport/transfers from and to Liberia Airport (LIR) or Juan Santa Maria (SJO) airports are private. You don't have to share the Van with other passengers except for your companions.


Is it possible to modify the invoice of the service requested?

Cancellations & Modifications must be requested 24 hours prior to service.


What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

When making a reservation we will request you the flight itinerary. This information will be used to track your flight. This way we will know whether there is delays or if the flight has been cancelled. We will highly appreciate if you let us know if you miss your flight, thus the driver will not be waiting for granted. When a flight is delayed past 7 pm or your arrival to your hotel is past 11 pm, additional charges will be applied. Past 7 pm and before 11 pm, the charge is an additional $10USD. Arrivals past 11 pm, are subject to an additional $20USD over the $10USD for a total additional charge of $30USD. This is due to over-time and double over-time for the driver.


Can I pay in US Dollars or Colones (local currency)?

We prefer if you pay in US Dollars. It is not recommended to exchange your US Dollars to local money. US Dollars are as accepted as our local currency. The exchange rate changes very often of the dollar can generate misunderstandings.


Is the tip for the drivers included?

The tip is not included. A customary tip is about 10% of the price, but it is not mandatory.