A Leading Example in Green Living

For a country so small that is focused on renewable energy and a low nationwide carbon footprint, Costa Rica should be in the lead as an example to follow for other nations. A prototype for how small communities or even larger cities that hold populations larger than Costa Rica should draw from. 

Unfortunately this is not a reality. Sure we are know for conservation areas and yes we have gone up to 9 months at a time running the country strictly on renewable power, but it's still a mediocre performance to what could or should be. 

This post may seem as a complaint or a negative critique, but in fact it is just to shed light on areas that need to be improved on in order to raise a standard within the country. This should be something the entire nation strides for.

Our recycling centers should be working in pristine flow where we are producing plastic lumber, not the current situation where we import it from Colombia. There shouldn't be any trace of trash anywhere. Our rivers and streams should be teaming with life.

Another important change we need to begin as a culture is to begin the practice of pantry storage. Why? The cost of food in Costa Rica is quite high. The diet in the population has become very Americanized and will present itself to be a problem in future generations if we do not stop it now. Pantry storage will lead citizens to regress back to earlier diets their parents raised them on and their parents before them. A healthier lifestyle where we connect deeper with nature and heal all this fast paced lifestyle we've adapted from larger nations (USA) and get back to our roots that promote true health and coexistence with nature.