Hunting in Costa Rica

Many travelers ask about hunting laws in Costa Rica. Specially if they are used to hunting back home. Hunting is illegal, yet until 2010 the government granted hunting licenses. Then 177,000 signatures were acquired and assisted in getting all hunting banned. There are only a few exceptions such as special permits for survival, pest control or population control. 

Although it would seem this way, but not all Costa Ricans are in favor of the hunt ban. For some this is a tradition that has been passed down generation to generation. It comes off a bit unfair that 177,000 of a nearly 5 million population can make that decision. 

Reality is that even though hunting is illegal and those caught doing so are fined $3,000 and/or sentenced to 4 months prison; Costa Ricans are still hunting. They do their best to remain under the radar which usually is successful. 

Among species that are hunted are:

  • White Tail Deer
  • Peccary
  • Tepesquintle (Paca)
  • Danta
  • and more...