Top 5 Places to visit while staying in Playa del Coco Area

In the past we've discussed various places in the area of Guanacaste to visit. This month we will focus mainly on places worth visiting within the Playa del Coco area. This means that travel time is under 30 minutes. We will discuss a few aspect of each location. Up next are Playa Penca & Calzon de Pobre (Poor man's underwear).

Both these sites are only a 15 minute drive from Playa del Coco and about 5 minutes from Playa Hermosa. A guard greets you at the entrance to collect your name and plate # (security). Then you may drive ahead on a gravel/dirt road. 4x4 is preferred but if you have driving skills an automobile will suffice. Going down you will enjoy many views for pictures and the first parking area leads to Calzon de Pobre, a smaller and more private beach. Continue the road until the end to visit Playa Penca. This is a more beautiful colored beach and larger. We can take you there and provide you with a cooler. Just let us know if you would like to visit.