A Truly Smart Option for Living

Although it may be expensive to many who are accustomed to main stream foods, Costa Rica offers quite a treat for living. Property tax are low (0.25%), people are happy and laid back, you can enjoy beaches, jungles or city and when natural disasters occur, which is very, very rarely; they leave a low impact.

For most that have lived or visit Costa Rica you'll notice that yes food is very expensive and it will take a toll on you monthly budget. But there is a solution to this which is also beneficial to  your health. It's all about alternative food sources through support of local farmers that are focused on delivering healthy organic produce at lower affordable prices. This would guarantee a steady income through volume and thus rotating perfectly in the circle of life.

Another positive is we don't have serious issues with government or nature. Crime is low and mainly petty theft which you'll find all over. Life in general is pretty easy and laid back. As most have come to learn, you can't put a price on peace and quite. 

So during your visit let us know you may be interested in living in Costa Rica. Then we will show you your options and assist you with any questions regarding moving and living in Costa Rica.