Martina Bustos Community

Martina Bustos is an urban-marginal settlement is the largest in the city of Liberia and one of the poorest in the country where more than three thousand people live. The land where this community is located was donated 15 years ago allowing this to be settled, with Martina Bustos being a temporary and permanent home for many families. There are about 378 homes and an approximate population of 3000 people.

This community has grown without assistance for housing or any public services, people living in this place have no property titles, so institutions can not enter with housing, health or other projects, for this same reason this population has serious water problems (they only consist of 6 pipes supplying water for all inhabitants). It is also important to emphasize that there are no schools or health services of any kind.

The majority of the population of this community work as rescuers of recyclable waste (divers) in the municipal garbage dump of Liberia, as well as in some agricultural works.

For those of you that are soon traveling you can bring gifts or help in away you wish. Just let us know when you would like to visit the community and get in touch with that segment of the population to assist.