The Town of Bijagua

Bijagua is a small town located along the Guanacaste mountain range, specifically located between Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes. It is a small town of roughly 2000 people who are dedicated mainly to farming crops and dairy cattle. They are locally well known for their cheese and recently are becoming popular for offering eco-adventure tourism. 

In August of 2016 they suffered along with other close by towns, the devastation of category 5 Hurricane Otto. Although it didn't destroy the town it did leave along its path some destroyed restaurants and even reshaped some of the terrain in particular part of the nearby bodies of water. Since then locals have rebuilt and all have gone back to normal.

The town is now flourishing due to investment made in the road leading to Tenorio National Park which is where the trail to Rio Celeste is located. This improvement has made the volume of visitors grown significantly and soon many more will pass by due to the same road's connection to Guatuso, saving many at least and hour of travel time. 

A must visit when going to Rio Celeste. Stopping at local restaurants for coffee, lunch and of course trying their famous cheese is a recommendation to all tourist and residents alike.