Tenorio Volcano & Rio Celeste

Many travelers that visit and remain in the Guanacaste province, usually end up traveling into Arenal area. This means they will end up traveling 3 to 4 hours each way and usually have to leave at 6 am returning at 11 pm. This would be considered a full days activity and it also means price range will be higher. Although Arenal is a beautiful area, we can provide you with an alternative that you wont regret. 

Tenorio National Park offers an amazing hike and within the park you'll be able to visit a beautiful waterfall on Rio Celeste (Sky Blue River). This waterfall gets its name due to the sky blue color which is in fact just an optical illusion. Many seem to believe that the color is due to a mixture of chemicals, but this is not the case. 

Rio Celeste is formed by the union of 2 rivers, Rio Buena Vista and Rio Agrio. Buena Vista has micro particles that measure around 184 nano meters and are formed by silicon, aluminum and oxigen. Agrio has a very acidic Ph level and when both rivers meet the acidity causes the micro particles from Buena Vista to grow up to 570 nano meters which then refract sunlight causing our eyes to see only the blue spectrum. Important to mention that these micro particles are not laying at the bottom but are suspended in the water. Another cool aspect of this waterfall is that it is a sacred site for the Maleku tribe. 

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