Souvenir... What to buy?

When traveling anywhere, a souvenir or gift for those back home may be next to impossible to choose due to the many options available. So for those that visit our Pura Vida land, we´ve compiled a list of souvenirs that will for sure represent our culture and be useful to you. 


Costa Rica Soccer Team Jersey


Anyone who´s traveled to Costa Rica knows what the national soccer team means to all Ticos. It´s a sense of identity, pride and it unites all Costa Ricans. Buying a jersey and actually wearing it back home may attract a Tico towards you since any Tico anywhere will identify with it. You can buy these anywhere throughout Costa Rica and the pricing is very comfortable. Soccer fans back home will also appreciate it given Costa Rica´s performance in the most recent World Cup. 



A chonete is a traditional Costa Rican hat worn by farmers and savaneros (Costa Rican cowboys). Every year children at schools dress up and wear a chonete which a national symbol. For you fishing fans, this is a great souvenir that you can take home and actually use on your fishing trip or working on your farm. 


Coffee Drip

Ask any Tico what the best way to brew coffee is and they´ll all agree to use a "sock" drip. This little gadget can be purchase anywhere and will definitely be very Costa Rican. The taste will also be noticeable and your coffee will taste delicious. Don't ever wash the sock with soap! Just rinse and store until next use. 


Costa Rican Coffee

In regards to which coffee is best to purchase... it's all a matter of your individual preference. We won't comment on which is best but we will advise to buy your coffee whether whole bean, dark roast, ground, ligh roast; purchase at local super markets. This way you will avoid the "tourist" price and you won't have anyone being pushy about it. There are many brands to choose from so for the preference of the writer (me), I enjoy 1820 ;)... 

Most souvenir shops will offer brand names that may be good and all but their focus seems to be more about marketing and high prices. This will go great with your Costa Rican coffee drip. 


Chorotega Pottery

The indigenous tribes in the Gran Nicoya area (Guanacaste) have been known for their craftsmanship in pottery. Their techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. You can visit their locals and see how they make the pottery which quite interesting. You can use the pottery back home as pitchers, salad bowls or plates. These are very strong and are microwaveable. 



Who wouldn't love to lay in a hammock at home? Specially a Costa Rica Hammock!!! This is always a great gift or souvenir to take home. You can set it up indoors or outdoors and reminisce on your trip to Costa Rica and plan for your follow up trip! 


Centenario Rum

Most visitors are always pushed to buy our Imperial beer or our firewater Cacique (some consider it rum but it's more of a firewater that taste like a light vodka). But if you want to be original and you enjoy rum, Centenario is an excellent choice. This we recommend you buy at the duty free in the airport when returning home. But before you do, be sure to order some and a local bar or restaurant to ensure it will be something you can enjoy solo or in the company of friends.