Costa Rica & Coffee

1720 is the probable date of the introduction of coffee to America, when the first seeds of the Coffea Arabica variety Typica came to the island of Martinique, Antilles, which were later planted in the Province of Costa Rica at the end of the 18th century.

At that time our country had a flourishing agriculture. Costa Rican history changed since 1808: under governor Tomás de Acosta, coffee began to take root in our soil , which has penetrated deeply into Costa Rican culture.

Costa Rica was the first Central American country to establish this flourishing industry. Celebrities contributed to the development of the crop and Father Felix Velarde was the first sower, who in 1816 had the first plot of land with coffee.

After Independence, in 1821, the municipal governments were the first to encourage this crop with policies of plant delivery and land concession to those interested in this company.


To be continued...