Planned outings: Horseback, Forest, Waterfall & swimming

If you are the type of traveler that wants to get the most out of your vacation and is up for exploring the local area then this months blogs are for you!!! 

We are going to present to you various options to visit off the beaten path locations this upcoming April through August. 

We will kick off the month with the following outing #1...

Very few know el Salto del Calvo. It is located between the hills of Hojancha and hides the highest in Central America. It is located about 1.5 hours from Riu hotel, an average distance to most attractions sites in Guanacaste. 

Once you arrive at the entrance the property owner will greet you with ready to ride horses for your descent towards the waterfall base. During the ride you may spot various types of wildlife such as monkeys, deer, peccaries, coati's and so much more. The ride will last approximately 45 min to an hour. 

Once you reach the bottom you will be able to take pictures and of course jump in and swim. There are various high points to jump off of with no worries of touching the bottom due to it's depth of 22 feet.  The waterfall has carved slide like paths that you can slide down into the ponds below. The bottom is sand and pebbles which change the clear color of the water after you've swam in it. The water is very clean so no need to work about the change cause by sediment. 

After you've enjoyed swimming, a snack and a beverage you are ready for the ascent and lunch. From the waterfall site you will head into Santa Cruz for lunch, a very cultural and historic town. Here you will visit a women's co-op that prepares traditional Costa Rican meals that you can enjoy while you take in some history like the remnants of one of the earliest churches built in the area. Your driver will share some of the local traditions and explain the various meals offered to you before heading back.

To enjoy an outing like this you would require an 8 hour private service that includes a driver and cooler for your drinks and snacks.  The 8 hour service is $190 and covers up to 5 passengers. The entrance at the waterfall and horse ride is not included in the price. $30 per person is the charge at the waterfall which you would pay upon arrival to the site. It's much less if you hike rather than ride.

Let us know if this is something for you.