Wow did 2016 go by fast! It seems just days ago we were in May. Every year that goes by is like an hour glass. When you first flip it over, the sand begins to fall very slowly, but once it nears the end the sand flows quickly. After a quick pause to ponder this one could say the world's history, our history, is like an hour glass and we're part of the last few grains of sand. Grains of sand? Hmmm.... Didn't the Lord tell Abraham he would make his descendants likes the grains of sand? Interesting... but what happens when all the sand has fallen and the hour glass is done? Will it be turned over to start again with all those who live last now living first? If this were true would that make the bible correct where is says, "The last will be first and the first will be last"? 

So much to ponder yet so little time... so be sure to ponder less and live more this 2017!!! 

Happy New Year from LAR!!! We hope this year brings many blessing, love, lessons and rewards.