Otto Aftermath

Although it was initially thought that Hurricane Otto's impact on Costa Rica would be of little damage, on Thursday night it struck hard in  Los Chiles and Upala, towns located on the border with Nicaragua.

According to the locals in the area there was an increase in rain and wind speed. Some rivers came to flooded while trees were reported fallen, cuttings all power. 

The hurricane size reached about 30 kilometers in diameter, according to data provided by the National Meteorological Institute (IMN). This scenario contrasted with what had been hours earlier in Limón and other areas of the country, where, although there were rains and floods of rivers, the consequences were described by the authorities as minor.

Last night more than 1,000 calls to 9-1-1 and about 3,600 people in hostels were counted. Otto also downgraded tropical storm according to the US National Hurricane Center. The intensity of rains and winds frightened many residents who preferred to go to official shelters, which resulted in a shortage of cushions and food to cater for the population. Bagaces, where the Fire Department confirmed that there are 4 people missing, 15 evacuated and one rescued. Hospitals in the area are working with emergency plants

According to the National Emergency Commission, more supplies, equipment and specialists in emergency services were delivered between the night of yesterday and the dawn of this Friday, as long as the state of the roads allowed.