Halloween History & impact in Costa Rica

Happy Halloween! What a juicy topic. All sorts of controversies and opinions. Some believe it to be the Devil's birthday while others see it as a fun festival that gives them the excuse to dress up in costumes and party. But what is the real history behind Halloween? It's definitely not a Costa Rican holiday, but as usual since Costa Rica is a melting pot of cultures, it has been adopted and celebrated. Another influencing factor is that it is the second highest revenue producing holiday after Christmas. 

Costa Rica has a similar holiday which is Dia de las Mascaradas. Ticos make masks and this is a tradition dating back to the Colonial period. This holiday is officially on October 31st, yet most Ticos either forgot or don't know about it. Those that do remember it would rather follow the popular trend. 

Below is a treat from The History Channel on the history of Halloween.