Costa Rica independance day: 15 september

September 15th, 1821 is Costa Rica's Independence Day and celebrates independence of all Central America from Spanish Crown rule. 

The declaration of independence was written October 29th, 1821 and reached the people of the nation only a month later. After the independence, the first constitution was soon adopted. This led to the celebration of the first elections in 1821. Independence Day is declared an official national holiday. 

The first elected Chief of State was Juan Mora Fernandez (1824 to 1833). He did much for the betterment of Costa Rica and the Ticos. He also promoted industry and commerce.

The first free elections in Costa Rica were held on 7 November, 1889 defining the beginning of progress towards a truly popular government.

Independence Day is celebrated with much joy and festivities. Patriotic parades and performances by students in the community are found at every small to large town throughout the country.