Horseback in Guanacaste

Horseback riding is a popular activity for many travelers in Costa Rica whether experienced or not. The advantage is also that many of the horses are so tame and docile that anybody can ride even if they are first timers. 

Options are offered at the beach or on one of the volcanoes on the Guanacaste Mountain Range. The beach rides may be fun for a short period and you are limited to what you can see or do. You can gallop along the waves but the scenery will remain the same. Riding up near the volcanoes, you can ride towards hot springs or waterfalls as you ride through forest and streams observing flora and fauna. 

During the ride you will be required to use helmets, for insurance purposes and you will receive a safety brief along with riding instructions for the inexperienced. A guide or more will accompany you during the ride to ensure your safety as well as keeping the horses on the move in case you get nervous. 

Let us know should you wish to visit any site where you can ride.