Hiking in guanacaste

There various sites in Guanacaste for hiking. The entire Guanacaste Mountain Range is comprise of 4 volcanoes that offer plenty of trails. Some even offer trails leading to waterfalls while some lead you to volcanic mud pots or calderas. The terrain is also varied. Some trails will be through more lush forest while other areas are still dry, specially those closer to volcanic activity.   

We will mention some of the sites for hiking which LAR Transportes can take you to. 


- Rincon de la Vieja  Volcano Hike

This volcano/national park is a popular destination for visitors in Guanacaste. It offers various trails with much to see in regards to flora and fauna as well as volcanic calderas, mud pots and in some cases even hot springs. You can also find a trail at the national park entrance that leads to Oropendola Waterfall. Animals such as monkeys, birds and iguanas can be spotted.


-  Miravalles Volcano Hike

There are various locations for a hike at the Miravalles Volcano. One of the sites offers various waterfalls to enjoy. One of these has a 25 ft platform that you can jump off of into the base of the waterfall. Due to elevation, the hike at this location may seem more lush and humid, but the downside is it may get windy. At Miravalles you may also find hot springs and it is the tallest volcano on the Guanacaste Mountain Range. 


- Tenorio Volcano Hike

This is a much different type of hike that offers a chance to see some species you will not find on the above hikes. The hike is similar to the Miravalles hike but more humid and you chances are greater for spotting sloths and poison dart frogs. Toucans and monkeys are also more prominent due to less volcanic activity and closer to humid tropical rain forest climate which offers the most in regards to flora and fauna. 


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