Surfing in Guanacaste

If you are staying in the Tamarindo, Coco Beach or Four Seasons area; you will have some awesome locations to surf. Some are world re-known. LAR Transportes can provide transportation to these sites and in the case of With's Rock and Ollie's Point, we can take you to where you need to board your boat. 


- Playa Avellanas

This is a beautiful beach that offers white sand and turquoise water with waves that attract seasoned surfers. The break is off shore and have been know to reach 5.5 meters (18 ft). Surfing tournaments are often held at this beach and you may encounter Lola, the 400 lb pig that lays out in sun and is quite the celebrity. 

A nice restaurant is located next the a parking area that has misters near the bar and excellent tables overlooking the beach. A great spot for sunsets. 


- Playa Tamarindo

This is the largest beach town in Guanacaste. It offers plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels. For those who are new to surfing or wish to learn, Tamarindo in the best place to learn. It offers easy waves to practice on from beginner to intermediate. There is an array of options for surf lessons. For those that already know how and just wish to practice more, you can rent boards on an hourly or daily basis. 


- Playa Negra 

Host for experienced surfer only, this beach offers world class waves. The break is rocky thus why it is recommended for experienced surfers. This beach is the next beach south after Playa Avellanas. 


- Witch's Rock

To reach this world re-known surf location you will take a boat ride, because it's much easier and faster than driving there. But if you are set on driving there, you can get there via Santa Rosa National Park. Once there you can find a camping area at Playa Naranjo.


- Ollie's Point

We recommend this site as well as Witch's Rock only to seasoned surfers and adventure thrill seekers. There are hazards when going to these sites such as sharks and sea crocodiles. That being said... lol

Named after an airstrip nearby used by US Colonel Oliver North during the Nicaraguan Contra situation, it is located at Playa Potrero Grande near the border with Nicaragua. When going to Ollie's Point, you may as well stop by Witch's Rock.