Wildlife Rescues in Costa Rica: Monkey Farm

The Monkey Farm is a non-profit site that caters a home for various animals as well as creating a sustainable organic farm through permaculture. It allows volunteers to interact with animals, rescue them and learn about sustainable farming while they live on-site. 

Travelers from all over the world visit the Monkey Farm and either camp out or stay in one of their cabins. Another option is to stay at Ocotal or Coco Beach and travel to the Monkey Farm (5 minute drive). 

Another great option for volunteers is to guide horseback tours through the jungle to the beach. This helps in acquiring funds for the farm that cover animal feed and farm maintenance. 

The animal flow is varied. Sometimes there may be more monkeys than usual, but all this depends on the rescue situation. The goal is to assist rescued animals by allowing them to adapt into nature and find their proper place in the world. 

Also, aquaponics is learned and practiced. The farm offers a link to free online permaculture courses for those that wish to volunteer and want to be somewhat knowledgeable in the farms everyday tasks.

To visit this site, send us an email. We can provide you with daily transportation for those volunteers that are not living on site.