Let's bring back gardening to our lives

With all the chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and other forms of growing produce, gardening may be the way to go for your veggies and fruits. 

There are many reasons to get into gardening such as financial reasons, health, stress, exercise and most important in supporting Costa Rica's goal to be completely green, it protects the environment. 

Having a garden can provide a good exercise by working the soil. It can eliminate stress and a distraction. For some it's a great way to organize their thoughts and allow the ground to absorb worries and stress. 

It's a healthy way to eat, not only because you are growing everything organic, but what most people don't realize is that the produce will also receive the love and dedication you place into growing and caring for it. So when it's done with love and effort, the taste of the final product is sweet and delicious.

Think about it... start a garden!