thank god for the wind, but  turn the knob to 1

Every year when the Guanacaste heat begins to increase, specially during February and March, the wind is there to make life more bearable. The wind keeps the temperature down, cooling you off while assisting any cold drink you may have with you. 

So be ready when going t

o the beach, BBQ'n, enjoying an ice cream or eating spaghetti and meat balls. A gust of wind may blown one of your meat balls right off the table and onto the floorr (then your poor meatball will roll out the door, LOL).

With this wind, ocean activity tends to get a little complicated due to the waves. The waves get really choppy. So it's best to hire ground transportation since most water taxi services will be down until further notice. This may also affect those interested in going fishing or scuba diving. 

The wind will force us to try different activities, such as indoor activities. LAR Transportes can provide transportation to local movie theaters, restaurants, hot springs or around town for shopping until the wind resides and you can continue with outdoor activities.