LAR transportes top 10 costa rican dishes you should try

There are many more desserts, beverages and other goodies to try, but here are a few that will be easy for you to find:

1. Arroz con Pollo / Rice with Chicken

Arroz con pollo is a traditional dish served at gatherings. Locals will joke and call it "rice with always", since this dish will always be served at gatherings such as funerals, parties, church & school events as well as sporting events.

2. Chicharrones / Chicharrones

Deep fried diced pork meat is also a traditional meal to serve at gatherings, but mainly for festive gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, sweet 15 or soccer games. It is usually accompanied by corn tortillas, yucca or casava, plenty of lime juice, chimichurri and an ice cold Imperial Beer. 

3. Tamales Ticos / Tico Tamales

Tamales in Costa Rica are very different to Mexican tamales or most other know tamales. There are differences in dough texture and taste as well as wrappings. Mexican tamales are wrapped in corn leaves and tend to be drier and smaller, whereas Tico tamales are wrapped in heated banana or plantain leaves and have a softer texture that can almost melt in your mouth. These are usually eaten as a traditional Christmas food but they're popular enough you can find them at some restaurants and supermarkets. 

4. Patacones / Patacones...

Patacones are boiled or steamed green plantains that are then mashed flat and fried. Afterwards their eaten with refried beans, guacamole, chimichurri or your choice of dressing.

5. Chifrijo / Chifrijo

This is a mix of fried pork pieces with pinto beans, cilantro, tomato and onion accompanied by tortilla, yucca or plantain chips and an ice cold beer. This is a dish that is also served as a "boca" or a small entree. Many bars and restaurants offer boca menus where you can find Chifrijo along with many of the dishes found on this list.

6. Chorreadas / Tico Thin Pancake

Corn meal pancakes coated with sour cream and butter. This is usually eaten in the afternoon coffee/tea time. It is a favorite for many Ticos.

7. Ceviche / Fish Slow Cooked in Lime

Ceviche is typically a Peruvian dish that can be served in many places around the world. Each place has its own style. Costa Rica offers various recipes such as "vuelve a la vida" which uses various seafood types. 

8. Casado / Traditional Costa Rican Dish

This is the traditional Costa Rican lunch. The name can be translated to Hunted or Married (LOL), there are various stories to this. It could be the hunted version referring to what had been hunted that afternoon since your choices are pork, beef, chicken or fish. The other version is when you're a bachelor you tend to eat quick and small meals, but when you're married you eat a hearty meal. It's comprised of rice and beans (seperate, unlike gallo pinto), salad, piece of chees, fried plantain, tortilla, picadillo and your choice of pork, beef, chicken or fish. The options may vary throughout the country.

9. Olla de Carne / Beef & Veggie Soup

This is a great dish for a rainy day in the rain forest. It is a beef and veggie soup with ossobuco, potatoes, carrots, yucca, green plantain, corn, yams, cilantro and garlic. This is accompanied with white rice and a cold beer. Some like to spray a lime over it.

10. Gallo Pinto / Spotted Rooster

Gallo Pinto is a traditional breakfast in Costa Rica. The translation is "spotted rooster". Many stories behind the naming. Some say it's due to the mix of white rice and black beans that look like a spotted rooster. Another story talks about a farmer who invited the whole town to feast on a his rooster whom he claimed could feed the entire town. During the feast the farmer was informed that there was not enough meat for everyone, so he told them to mix the meat with rice and beans to make it more. The meat was so scarce that it was pretty much rice and beans.