Venture off the beaten, crowded & touristy path with LAR Transports.   

Back To The Basics Of Traveling

With all the theme parks and eco centers that have been developed through out Costa Rica, traveling has become a bit crowded and focus on flora, fauna & culture has been lost. These theme parks attract so many crowds that it produces noise pollution keeping wildlife at bay. It also creates distractions that keep you from enjoy-ing the wondrous flora that surrounds you.

With LAR Transports we take you off the beaten path, where you will encounter experiences that let you brag that you really visited Costa Rica. Our bilingual drivers will introduce you to authentic Costa Rican cuisine, teach you about Costa Rican traditions and customs, escort you through towns and villages of significant his-torical importance.

If you’re into the activities offered by these theme parks, LAR Transports takes you to places that offer the same activities but are less crowded. Our staff also knows the tricks and secrets to enjoy-ing all activities in the best way possible.

With LAR Transports we go back to the basics of traveling. Our focus is for you to experience the real Costa Rica. We change the all inclusive scene of never leaving the resort. We take you on an adventure that will become the highlight of your vacaction to Costa Rica.